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Suvida Healthcare taps Elation Health to help support Hispanic seniors

Elation Health, which supplies tools for telehealth, patient engagement, and an EHR geared toward primary care providers, announced its partnering with Suvida Healthcare, a primary care group for Medicare-eligible Hispanic adults. 

California-based Elation Health offers healthcare providers tools to help digitize their practice, including cloud-based clinical-based electronic health records, telehealth services, a patient engagement platform, revenue cycle management software and more. 

Suvida Healthcare is a preventive and primary care group focused on delivering culturally competent care to Hispanic adults eligible for Medicare. Patients obtain a dedicated care team led by a healthcare guide dubbed “Guia” and a physician. Care is coordinated in-person, in-home or virtually. 

The Texas-based company will utilize Elation’s platform to help scale its value-based care operations. 

“After an in-depth evaluation of dominant vendors in the EMR space, Elation emerged as the clear leader for a risk-bearing group like Suvida,” Dr. Ana Fuentevilla, chief medical officer at Suvida Healthcare, said in a statement. “The platform’s ability to support value-based care operations in a scalable way while simultaneously supporting our multidisciplinary teams contributed to our selection. We are confident that our partnership with Elation will enable us to meaningfully impact the quality of life of the patients we serve.”


Elation is led by siblings Kyna and Conan Fong, while Fuentevilla and CEO Austin Pittman, former CEO of OptumCare, founded Suvida. 

Last year, Elation Health scored $50 million in Series D funding, bringing its total raise to $108.5 million. In 2020, the company raised $40 million in a Series C round.  

This year, Elation announced it acquired billing and practice-management company Lightning MD. The company said it would combine the billing and revenue cycle software with its tools to offer an all-in-one product in beta starting this summer. 

The company also announced a collaboration with Zocdoc where providers’ existing scheduling software would be integrated with Zocdoc, automatically adding appointments booked online to providers’ schedules in their Elation EHRs.

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