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MediView XR receives 510(k) clearance for AR surgical navigation platform

MediView XR, a medtech company utilizing augmented reality, announced it received FDA 510(k) clearance for its AR surgical navigation system dubbed XR90.

XR90 is an augmented reality visualization and surgical navigation platform that allows providers to see a patient’s internal soft tissues, vascular, organ and skeletal structures in 3D based on their CT images. 

It also combines CT imaging with ultrasound, allowing 3D holographic images to be displayed anatomically underneath the patient’s skin, allowing providers to perform minimally invasive procedures, such as tumor ablations and biopsies. A Holographic Light Ray is also used to track and display the path of a physician’s instrument for surgical navigation.


In March, MediView XR scored $15 million in strategic funding, a year after securing a $9.9 million investment

In December, the Cleveland-based company announced it entered into a know-how agreement with Mayo Clinic, in which the health system would provide technology, clinical and research expertise to accelerate innovation and advance procedural augmented reality solutions. 

A month prior, MediView XR announced a collaboration with GE Healthcare to co-develop the OmnifyXR Interventional Suite System, which will combine GE’s imaging technologies with MediView’s augmented reality and surgical navigation expertise to allow physicians to evaluate multiple holographic displays of live imaging in 3D. 

Other companies offering a surgical navigation platform utilizing extended reality are Augmedics, which scored $82.5 million in Series D financing last month, and Osso VR, which garnered $66 million in Series C funding in 2022 and $27 million in Series B funding in 2021. 

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