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Stork Club adds new fertility centers to its national network

Family planning platform for employees Stork Club announced it is partnering with Neway Fertility in Manhattan and five Utah Fertility Center clinics in Idaho and Utah to offer its members in-clinic care. 

Stork Club is offered as an employee benefit to guide workers through different stages of reproductive care. The company’s offerings include unlimited virtual visits or in-clinic care, care navigation, fertility services, newborn care, menopause, maternity and return to work services. 

The family-building platform’s members will have access to Neway Fertility’s specialty services, including in vitro maturation, third-party reproduction and egg freezing. 

At Utah Fertility Center clinics, Stork’s members can schedule expedited appointments, including virtual visits with male or female physicians, and access an extensive donor database. 

“We continue to expand our partnerships to offer the highest level of care across the country,” Jeni Mayorskaya, CEO and founder of Stork Club, said in a statement. “Selecting the best clinic is a stressful part of embarking on a fertility journey. Thanks to our partnership with Neway Fertility and Utah Fertility Center, members have greater access to exceptional care throughout the country and even in rural areas, leading to improved clinical outcomes.”


In 2021, Stork Club garnered $30 million in Series A funding in a round led by General Catalyst. The company launched with $2.7 million in seed funding a year before. 

In January, the company announced it successfully underwent the Service Organization Controls (SOC2) examination, a report on the controls of an organization related to security, processing integrity, availability, privacy or confidentiality.

In April 2022, The Commonwealth Fund released a report highlighting how women across the U.S. face threats to reproductive healthcare access, including abortion services, which could have a lifelong impact on physical and mental health.

Months following the report, the Supreme Court overturned 49 years of a woman’s right to an abortion in siding today with Mississippi Department of Health Officer Thomas E. Dobbs in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization–overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Since then, reproductive health data security and privacy have been a focal point for many, including lawmakers.

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