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Limiting Social Media Use in Youths Brings Challenges, Benefits


Douglas Gentile, PhD, distinguished professor of psychology, Iowa State University, Ames.

Ella Faulhaber, PhD candidate, Iowa State University, Ames. 

Melissa G. Hunt, PhD, associate director of clinical training, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz, MD, team lead, adolescent inpatient unit, Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan, CT.

White House statement: “Fact Sheet: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Actions to Protect Youth Mental Health, Safety & Privacy Online.”

U.S. Surgeon General Advisory: “Social Media and Youth Mental Health.”

Amelia Kennedy, 19, rising college sophomore, point guard, Cardinals Varsity basketball team, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

Lauren Young, 25, Georgetown University Law School graduate, Washington, DC. 

Sarah Goldstein, 22, supermarket courtesy clerk, Chatsworth, CA.

Max Schwandt, 23, hiking store salesperson, Los Angeles.

Social Media Victims Law Center, Seattle.

Journal of Adolescent Health: “Youth Insight About Social Media Effects on Well-Ill-Being and Self-Modulating Efforts.”

APA Open: Technology, Mind and Behavior: “The Effect of Self-Monitoring Limited Social Media Use on Psychological Well-Being.”

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