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Singaporean telehealth startup ORA nets $10M in Series A funding

Singapore-headquartered telehealth company ORA has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round – touted to be the largest telehealth funding in Southeast Asia to date – led by TNB Aura and Antler. The round was also participated by Gobi Partners, Kairous Capital, and GMA Ventures.


ORA runs a vertically-integrated telehealth platform that delivers over 250,000 consultations since launching in 2021. It houses three brands: online dermatology brand Modules, male health-focused andSons, and OVA, which is centred on female health. 

It is set to launch its medically-backed products across 1,300 tier-one stores later this year. 


The company currently operates in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with plans to enter new territories using its fresh funds. In a statement, ORA said it sees expansion opportunities in the Middle East. Moreover, it is keen to launch new offerings soon. 

To date, the company received $17 million in total funding. 


Another vertically-integrated telehealth platform in Singapore, Ordinary Folk, also attracted investments last year; it raised $5 million in pre-Series A funding for its expansion across Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Eucalyptus, an Australian company that houses five telehealth brands, also snapped up $42 million in Series C funding last year for its expansion in the United Kingdom.


“ORA has had over six million patient touch points provide us with valuable health data through extensive health evaluations and consultation online. This has brought unique insights into these patient’s healthcare expectations that have and will inform future innovations with our key partners,” said CEO and founder Elias Pour, who was also Zalora’s ex-CMO.

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