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Fertility companies AIVF, Genea Biomedx partner to optimize IVF care

Fertility company AIVF, which offers AI-enabled solutions for IVF clinics, announced its partnering with Genea Biomedx, which provides medical devices for IVF laboratories. 

AIVF’s main product is the EMA platform, which the company says uses artificial intelligence to assess embryo quality during IVF treatment. 

Genea Biomedx offers its Geri time-lapse incubator for embryo storage. The benchtop incubator has six individual chambers for each embryo to be stored separately, with a camera placed in each chamber to monitor the embryo’s development process. 

Through the partnership, AIVF’s EMA platform will be integrated into the Geri time-lapse incubator, combining imaging and AI-enabled analytics to improve the success rate of IVF treatments and allow patients to access embryo data. 

“Both female-led companies, AIVF and Genea Biomedx are mission-driven and focused on empowering patients with radical transparency in the IVF lab,” Marian Garriga, CEO of Genea Biomedx, said in a statement. “By streamlining a complex ecosystem of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), our innovative collaboration provides patients a window into their personal IVF insights and data.”


AIVF received a European CE mark for its EMA platform in 2021. 

Last year, the Israeli fertility startup announced it acquired ART Compass, a company that makes lab management software for in vitro fertilization. It also scooped up $25 million in Series A funding.

Another AI-assisted IVF technology company is Alife Health, which announced the release of its free iPhone app this week to help patients navigate the IVF process, including tracking test results, receiving appointment and medication reminders and accessing educational information. 

Other companies in the digital health fertility space include hybrid fertility and reproductive care company Kindbody, which scored a whopping $100 million in funding earlier this year, and reproductive benefits manager Carrot Fertility

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