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New Samsung Galaxy Watch software supports better sleep

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has introduced the latest One UI 5 Watch with a new feature that supports quality sleep. 


The latest software on the Galaxy Watch devices has three new sleep-related features. First, the Sleep Insights UI presents a user’s sleep score from the prior night’s rest, along with related metrics, including sleep phases, snoring hours, and blood oxygen level. 

Second, the sleep coaching feature helps users track their sleeping habits; it utilises week-long sleep data and a survey to generate insights around eight sleep types.

Finally, it switches to infrared sensors instead of green LED light to help minimise distractions due to light during sleep. This feature complements SmartThings and Sleep Mode on the Galaxy Watch which are instantly triggered once the user is detected to have fallen asleep. The former allows users to switch off their connected devices and the latter mutes notifications and dims the user’s mobile phone and watch screens.

Aside from these sleep-related enhancements on the Galaxy Watch, Samsung also released the personalised heart rate zone, which analyses the user’s physical capabilities and sets optimal workout intensity levels, and updated SOS and fall detection features.

Based on a press statement, the One UI 5 Watch is slated for initial release later this year in the upcoming Galaxy Watch series. 


Samsung said in a statement that it believes that achieving one’s wellness goals starts with quality sleep. “Samsung is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive health experience and empowering users to reach their wellness goals. Now more than ever, we believe this starts with getting a good night’s sleep,” claimed Hon Pak, VP and head of Digital Health at Samsung Electronics. 

In coming up with the new sleep-related features on the Galaxy Watch, Samsung identified three key elements for better sleep: understanding personal sleep patterns, building healthy habits and establishing a sleep-friendly environment. One UI 5 Watch, it said, delivers on all these elements. 


Across Asia-Pacific, there have been innovations around sleep health that aim to promote better sleep and improved diagnosis of sleep disorders.

Health tech startup Enerjoy in Hong Kong added snoring detection a few years ago to its mobile sleep tracker app ShutEye to help users understand their sleep patterns.

In Australia, researchers from Monash University developed the mobile app SleepSync to help tailor the sleep-wake cycle for hospital shift workers, taking into account their work and personal calendars and records of sleep/wake time and mood. 

Meanwhile, South Korean startup HoneyNaps has utilised AI to come up with SOMNUM, which can automatically provide polysomnography readings, shortening the time to diagnose sleep disorders to below five minutes from the usual three to four hours.  

Last year, Australian company ResApp received the United States FDA 510(k) clearance for its mobile sleep apnoea screening app SleepCheckRx. Intended for use at home by adults, the app screens for sleep disorders by analysing breathing and snoring sounds recorded through the mobile phone.

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