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Yara Shahidi Reveals Tinker Bell Barbie Inspired by Her With a Braid, Curls, and Edges — See Photos

On February 28, we got our first glance at Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell for a few seconds in the teaser trailer for the upcoming film Peter Pan & Wendy. She looked stunning in her smaller fairy form with her curls piled into a messy bun with a braided crown and swooped baby hairs. It will be a while before we get to see more of Shahidi’s Tinker Bell, so until then, we’ll be admiring the newest Tinker Bell Barbie doll. It was designed to look identical to Shahidi’s portrayal of the Disney character with sculpted edges and curls. 

Hairstylist Nikki Nelms, who did Shahidi’s hair for the film, shared her excitement over and a peek at the new Barbie doll in an Instagram carousel. “Helping to redefine the look of TINKERBELL, with the amazingly talented @yarashahidi was such an honor and so magical!!!” her caption read. The Grown-ish star is seen smizing with the Tinker Bell doll in hand in the first photo. The toy wore Tinker Bell’s signature attire — a strapless green dress with golden tulle  — with shimmery pale-green wings protruding from her back. 

The doll had a massive curly bun with a braid extending from ear to ear. Mattel did not forget to add swoops and loops along the perimeter of the doll’s hairline for the laid baby hairs. Nelms also included close-up shots of the hairstyle on Shahidi so you can directly compare it to the doll’s. 

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